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The soprano Elenor Bowers-Jolley has a remarkable purity of tone which made for some memorable duetting with Beth Mackay…

Janet Kelsey, Eastern Daily Press 



The enchanted and enchanting voice of Elenr Bowers-Jolley opens 'Wedding'...

Film score to Summer in February composed by Benjamin Wallfisch

Robert Pugilese




Appleton’s strategy of using a soloist off-stage worked wonderfully in the fourth movement with soprano Eleanor Bowers-Jolley’s voice coming from the Balcony area of the Corn Exchange, transforming a secular building into an almost ecclesiastical space.

Sue Burge - Eastern Daily Press July 2014



 James Macmillan's etherial Christus Vincit followed with Ellie Bowers-Jolley singing from the end of the church so those very high notes floated over us...again Ms Bowers-Jolley seemed to achieve the highest notes without any effort.

Lynn News - March 2015

Rose Hubbard




 Soprano Elenor Bowers-Jolley made a striking contribution to James Macmillan's Christus Vincit

EDP - March 2015

Alison Croose




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